Pharaoh Ant infestation, North London

BPM were asked to attend a block of eight apartments in North London. Residents had been plagued with an infestation of pharaoh ants for the past seven years and despite treatments from other pest control companies the ants were still active. The managing agent was receiving several complaints from residents and was under pressure to resolve the problem.


In this case it was clear that only a managed, methodical approach, using the correct treatment techniques was the correct solution. Access to all apartments and co-operation from all residents was necessary to gain satisfactory control.


All tenants were contacted by BPM to ensure that as many proerties were treated at the same time as possible. Tenants were provided with a fact sheet with guidance on housekeeping issues and treatments carried out.


State of the art grain baits were used. Biopren is a unique concept in the treatment of Pharaoh ants. It contains two different bait matrices based on different sources of protien. Feeding preferences of the ants change depending on the requirements of the nest. By offering two different sources of protien it encourages more bait to be taken into the nest for better control.


With careful recording of bait taken and ant activity, it was possible to pinpoint areas where nests were likely to be present, although these were deep in the fabric of the building and not directly accesible. Careful use of gel bait was also used to enhance the treatments. On visit two, reported numbers of ants were greatly reduced and on visit three, no ants were sighted by the technician and only one reported by one resident. After four months there have been no further reports of Pharaoh Ant activity.


The managing agent commented - 'Brilliant, thank you very much for all the hard work you have put into clearing this apartment block of ants'


A happy customer!

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