Rat Control

Brown rat - Rattus Norvegicus.




The brown rat measures about 230mm plus the length of it's tail, which is shorter than it's body. It will normally weigh over 500g. It has a blunt snout and small hary ears.




Brown rats are most usually found at ground level where they will burrow into soft earth, under sheds, hedges, foundations, earth banks, compost heaps etc.


Brown rats breed quickly and are sexually mature in around 3 months. Females can produce between 3 and 12 litters of 6-8 young per year. The young are able to take solid food at around 3 weeks.


Rats are creatures of habit and will have runs which they use regualarly between their nest and food source.


A rats inscisor teeth continuosly grow meaning, like all other rodents, they have to continuoisly gnaw to wear them down. They can and will chew through wood, plastic, lead and even brick and concrete when it has an

edge. They will also chew through electrical cables presenting a fire hazard.


Rats spread many diseases from their filthy surroundings and habitats such as sewers and waste sites. Around 10 people die each year in the UK from 'Weils desease'.




Like us, rats require food shelter and water.

Plants and shrubs should be cut back to minimise harbourages, gaps under sheds and foundations should be blocked. Compost heaps, if necessary, should be placed on a concrete base.


Ponds should be covered with mesh. Bird feeders, seeds and bread will provide a welcome food source and should cease if rats are present.


Baits and/or traps should be placed near to runs and harbourages. Rats are neophobic, meaning they are scared of anything new. This means that it can take some time before they will enter bait staions or traps.


To eliminate rats safely and efficiently enlist the services of a BPCA qualified pest technician. 


BPM Bird and pest management provide rat control services throughout Ware, Hertfordshire and North London. If you are suffering from a rat infestation call us today to see how we can help.



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