Bird proofing
Bird proofing

Bird proofing Ware Hertfordshire and surrounding areas

Bird proofing Ware Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.
By far the best way to keep pest bird species off of your building is to exclude them by means of proofing. BPM have years of specialist experience installing all types of  proofing. BPM will carry out a comprehensive survey and advise you on the best type of installation depending on your particular bird issues and aesthetics of your building.

The proofing methods we use are carefully considered depending of bird species, design of structure, pressure of infestation and of course, budget.


Types of proofing include:

Bird spikes.
High quality netting systems.
Bird free gel.
Post and wire systems.

Our installations are carried out by experienced installers and guaranteed. Best quality materials and systems are used to ensure many years of protection to your building. Many of our customers have found that investment in  quality bird proofing saves money on on-going cleaning and expensive repairs and maintenance that might otherwise be necessary.


Proofing is always the best long term solution and will demonstrate your company's ethical approach to controlling wildlife as no birds will come to harm from correctly installed proofing. BPM always adhere to the general license granted by Natural England. This license rightly insists that all humane methods of control should be the first consideration.


BPM Bird and Pest Management are full servicing members of the British Pest Control association - BPCA, adhering to their strict codes of practice. We are also members of Basis Prompt - the Professional Pest Controller's register which means we are committed to on-going professional development bringing you the latest pest control techniques.


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