Cleaning bird fouling
Cleaning bird fouling

Pigeon problems Ware Hertfordshire, guano cleaning

Pigeon problems Ware, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas - Guano cleaning

Bird fouling or guano can affect your business in a number of ways. There is a duty of care to staff, occupants, tradesmen and visitors who may be put at risk.

Health and safety risks

Large amounts of guano should be considered a serious health hazard.

Bird fouling contains many diseases which can be passed to humans. These diseases include: Chlamydiosis, Ornithosis, Psittacosis, Cryptococosis, Campylobactor, Salmonellosis, Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis – also known as Pigeon fancier’s lung, Erysipelas, Escherichia Coli and Histoplasmosis. All of which are a serious hazard to human health.

In addition, fouling can cause a dangerous slip hazard and particular attention should be paid to fire exits and fire escapes where this could impede a safe exit I the event of a fire.

Bird fouling can cause an infestation of biting insects.

Insects will breed in the fouling and then, when the bird infestation is removed, look for a new warm blooded host, transferring bacteria and viruses from the droppings directly into the hosts’ bloodstream. Many insect infestations are a result of nesting materials and guano.

Damage to structure

Bird fouling is acid in nature and can cause damage to the fabric of your building and staining. There is also a risk of water ingress due to fouling and nesting materials blocking gullies and hoppers.

Bird fouling is unsightly

Unsightly guano will impact on your businesses image and reputation.

Treatment and removal

Due to the serious health risks associated with bird fouling. Large amounts require specialist treatment and removal. BPM have vast experience treating and removing fouling from all types of businesses and buildings. Trained technicians wearing correct PPE will treat the affected area throughout the process; the guano is then carefully removed from site and disposed of as treated waste.

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