pigeon problems cleaning
pigeon problems cleaning

Guano cleaning - Canterbury Cathedral

Pigeon problems Herts Vaulted ceiling

BPM Bird and Pest Management have recently sub-contracted for Wealdon Bird and Pest Solutions to help carry out specialist guano cleaning works at Canterbury Cathedral. This cleaning work was necessary in advance of restoration work to the ‘boss’, the original access panel in The Silent Chamber. The chamber is part of the bell ‘Harry’ tower and is situated above the vaulted ceiling of The Knave, approximately 175ft from the ground. The room above the chamber houses a human powered winch with access doors to the Silent Chamber below, in turn this chamber has a circular access panel which has been painted and can be seen as a tiny dot bearing a cross from the photograph. 

Pigeon fouling cleaning Enfield The Silent Chamber

Together these chambers allowed building materials and other items to be hoisted to the top of the Cathedral. The painted access panel replaced the original ornate panel which included wood carvings and boss which had deteriorated, this is believed to have been carried out in the early seventies, we found possible evidence to support this on finding a newspaper dated 13th May 1971.

Over time, pigeons and other birds had gained access to the chambers, the resulting build-up of fouling and nesting materials causing a serious health hazard to anyone entering the chambers.

As can be seen from the photographs the recesses above the vaulted ceiling had become full of guano and nesting materials. This was carefully treated and removed in order to make the area safe for the restoration work to go ahead.

For a free survey and expert advice on pigeon problems and guano removal in and around the Canterbury area please contact Wealdon Bird and Pest Solutions on 07803 064456 and for Hertfordshire and surrounding areas BPM Bird and Pest Management on 07826 939678.

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