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Some species of mice gain access to buildings to find warm shelter and a source of food. Their presence is indicated by dark droppings (around the size of a grain of rice), damage to food packaging, woodwork and other materials. They can often be heard scratching and gnawing above ceilings and in roof voids. This noise can sometimes be quite substantial and be mistaken for rats or squirrels. Mice can produce 60 - 70 droppings per day and urinate frequently. It has been said that mice are incontinent. However, research tells us that they do so to mark their territory. Mice can carry many diseases.


Mice are sexually active in as little as 8 weeks and a breeding pair can produce around 8 litters of 16 per year.

Mice are excellent climbers and can squeeze through gaps as small as 6mm - about the size of a pencil!

The word 'rodent' means 'to gnaw' and mice must continually gnaw in order to keep the growth of their teeth in check. As such, they can cause considerable damage to woodwork, packaging, plastic pipes and electrical cables. Many fires can be attributed to damage caused by mice.



Wherever possible, proofing should be carried out to prevent mice entering your home or business. Door strips and stainless steel mesh covers for air bricks are available. Gaps and holes around pipes and other services should be filled with mortar.


BPM Bird and Pest Management provide expert mouse control throughout Hertfordshire and North London.

If you suspect that you have a mouse infestation, contact us today for advice on how to get rid of mice effectively and safely.


Mouse control for Business

As a business you have a duty of care to your staff and visitors. A pro-active pest control service can help you demonstrate due dilligence in the event that somebody should become ill or have an accident as a result of pest activity. Contact us for a free survey to see how we can provide you with a cost effective pest control service to protect your business.

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