Domestic pest control, Ware, Herts
Domestic pest control, Ware, Herts

BPM residential pest control Ware, Herts and surrounding areas

BPM Bird and Pest Management can help with the following pest issues


  • Mouse and Rat Infestations
  • Flies, Wasps and other flying insect infestations
  • Fox removal and prevention
  • Flea removal
  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • Bird nesting and fouling
  • and much more…

Even the cleanest of homes can suffer from unwanted guests. Sometimes we create the perfect environment for pests without realising it or maybe you have travelled and brought home some unexpected travelling companions, such as bed bugs or cockroaches.

BPM Bird and Pest Management's BPCA qualified technicians will help to establish the root cause of the infestation and advise you on a safe, humane and cost effective treatment to eradicate the problem.


During cold weather, rodent species, such as rats, mice and squirrels will look for warmer shelter and additional sources of food - your home! BPM can help to remove them and advise on how you can keep them out.


BPM Bird and Pest Management are full servicing members of the British Pest Control association - BPCA, adhering to their strict codes of practice. We are also members of Basis Prompt - the Professional Pest Controller's register which means we are committed to ongoing professional development bringing you the latest pest control techniques.


As soon as you think you may have a problem it is important to act quickly to minimise the risk of the problem getting worse - call BPM for friendly expert advice to see how we can help on 07826 939 678 or email

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