bed bug treatment
bed bug treatment

Expert Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are probably the most unpleasant pests you are likely to encounter in the UK.


The thought of sharing a bed with these biting insects is upsetting and distressing.


Due to their lifecycle and the ability for an adult bed bug to last for up to a year without a feed, bed bugs are difficult to treat. A thorough, methodical approach is required and treatment should be carried out by a qualified BPCA pest technician.  


An adult bed bug is roughly the size of an apple seed or match head.


If you suspect that you may have bed bugs, don't be tempted to put off dealing with the problem as it will be even more difficult to eradicate them.


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" We were horified to discover that we had bed bugs. After two members of the family were bitten we found a bug and looked on the internet to see what it was. Fairly sure it was a bed bug we called Peter at BPM Bird and Pest Management. Peter arranged to visit the same day and arrived at the agreed time. After confirming that what we had found was a bed bug, Peter explained carefully what we needed to do to solve the probelm. The bed bug treatment carried out was thorough and very effective, after the first treatment we noticed a huge decrease in bites and didn't see any more bed bugs. Having small children we were concerned about any chemicals being used but Peter talked us through how the treatment would be carried out safely and also used an insecticide which was safe for our cat. We would not hesitate to recommend BPM Bird and Pest Management. The bed bug treatment was safe, effective, thorough and at very reasonable cost. We are now free of bed bugs and can sleep without worry!"


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